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Adamantine…An Unshakeable Word

This word came my way while reading a book on Theodore Roosevelt, who used it to describe his wife, Edith, derived from the adjective, adamant, meaning… refusing to be persuaded or to change one’s mind: declaring one unbreakable.   Edith … Continue reading

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Meat and Potato Men

I’m referring to an old-fashioned type of male you don’t see so much anymore. The man who steps up, no matter what. The fella who faces the bully, chases the bad guy, who runs into the burning building to save … Continue reading

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Mornings On Horseback

I’ve just finished David McCullough’s book, Mornings On Horseback (1981) about a young, romantic Theodore Roosevelt. The by-line reads: The Story Of An Extraordinary Family, A Vanished Way of Life And The Unique Child Who Became Theodore Roosevelt. What inspires … Continue reading

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Friends of mine invited me to Sagamore Hill to visit Teddy, as in Roosevelt, but alas, declined, due to my recent health issue.  But boy, if there was ever a time I need to talk to him, it’s now. This … Continue reading

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A Cheeky Word

While speaking with a friend, she called a guy we both know, cheeky.  So not to display my ignorance, rather than ask it’s meaning, I came home to do research. Cheeky, an adjective… impudent or irreverent, typically in an endearing or amusing way: a cheeky grin. … Continue reading

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Cecil the Lionhearted

There’s been lots of controversy over the fatal death of Cecil, the southwest, African lion shot by an arrogant Minnesota dentist named Walter Palmer, causing a ripple effect across the world.  There’s a picture of the kill, the slayer standing … Continue reading

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Monday, books and the library…

As I sit sprawled on my bed with the new Doris Kearns Goodwin book, The Bully Pulpit, that I can’t seem to put down warming my lap…I remembered this inspiring essay reminding me as long as a book is close … Continue reading

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Big Sticks

Teddy Roosevelt is my all-time favorite president for a pack of reasons. He was smart, bighearted, wrote and read prolifically, had courage and bluster, but not too much so not to weep when in 1918 Quentin, his youngest son’s plane, … Continue reading

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February 14, 1884

He didn’t quite understand what was happening. He was in Albany working when he received a telegram stating that his beloved wife of four years had delivered a healthy baby girl. They named her Alice Lee, same as her mother. … Continue reading

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