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John McCain…A Hero and Then Some

My temper lies dormant. I’m like a fighter who knows his fists are lethal weapons, so it’s best to keep them hidden. In my case, my tongue will get me into trouble if I’m not careful. In AA they warn … Continue reading

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Independence Day…2017

 The 4th of July makes me think of many things. Cookouts at my Auntie Ida’s, chicken sizzling on the grill. A trash can filled with ice cold Coca-Colas, my mother’s famous potato salad served in a bright green bowl. White … Continue reading

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Memorial Day 2016

Freedom comes with a price that’s never more evident than when you go to Arlington National Cemetery, and it has little to do with the Kennedys, all majestically buried there like movie stars. It’s those endless rows of white headstones … Continue reading

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A Noble Soul

You never know who or what will inspire you as you tool through life.  Could be anything…a kid, an average individual, or simply nature showing off, your heart lifting on its own steam. There’s a man in his 70s, white-haired, … Continue reading

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The Weak In Review

Waiting in line at a drug store, I saw a mother hit her four year-old so hard I thought his head would come off. Before I could react, a man did, letting her have it with both barrels. The kid … Continue reading

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Books Are For Reading

I just cleaned off my bookshelf that got me thinking of an incident way back when involving my step-father, a serious book collector.   He had them floor to ceiling in cases specially built. I still think the main reason he … Continue reading

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What So Proudly We Hail

Today is the 4th of July, a really big day in America’s history. It’s the day marking our independence from Britain thanks to the valor of many in a wretched seven year war.  I have to say I am involuntarily … Continue reading

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Snipers on the Ave.

“Susannah, you’re looking awfully ashen this morning.” “Excuse me?” “Pale dear, you’re looking pale.” (I knew what ashen meant.) A woman I LOOSELY know at 6:45 this morning when the sun wasn’t even up, went out of her way to … Continue reading

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Thomas Jefferson and Guests

Last night when I couldn’t sleep I found a news item that piqued my curiosity. Evidently 5 people were arrested at The Jefferson Memorial on Saturday for what was considered ‘expressive dancing.’ At first I thought they were just happy … Continue reading

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