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When Your Tolerance Is Down A Quart

I have a theory about, when something unpleasant keeps occurring in your life.  It’s an obstacle keeping you from personal growth, because the moment you learn to deal with it appropriately, it never happens again. At least once a day … Continue reading

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What We Prefer Not To See

A warning…this is not a happy post. I’m in Starbucks where there’s a homeless man, with no legs, in a wheelchair, parked in the center of the room. It’s freezing out, so Haley and Kim, the two early baristas, let … Continue reading

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Kindness Confuses People

Why is kindness often perceived as a weakness, a question that comes up time and time again. There seems to be a threat attached to it, like some kind of lethal weapon making its opponents twitch with decided discomfort. I … Continue reading

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Best Story Of The Week

 I’m in the 5 items or less check-out line at Whole Foods with a young kid around 20, in front of me, getting coffee and a muffin. I say, “Wouldn’t you like a little bag for your muffin?” It’s self-service … Continue reading

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Snoogums Oh Ma Huna

There’s a woman who works at a Starbucks I frequent who has a cartload of names for her customers…doesn’t matter how many times you tell her the right one she’s supposed to jot on your cup like a dog tag. … Continue reading

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Smug And Snooty

I live in the snottiest neighborhood in the world.  Parisians on the Left Bank have nicer manners, and we know how rude the French can be. Park, Madison and Fifth Avenue from 60th Street to 95th are crammed with the … Continue reading

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Finally Tuned Friendship

Age is the true educator. My whole life I’ve viewed everything in black and white…all or nothing…this way or that way with wiggle room, leeway, latitude, flexibility having no role in my life. Relationships, hitting a wall, were severed rather … Continue reading

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How Bout Those Choppers

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There’s a woman who reads at the library who’s eighty-five if she’s day. You’re always  alerted to her arrival because the reading room doors suddenly swing open like she’s entering a saloon. Despite a walker, she is admirably ambulatory and … Continue reading

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Starfucks Coffee

said the cashier while her eyes rolled back into her head. Every morning I go to Starbucks to buy overpriced coffee…a tall Blonde in a grande cup…I always think of the film The Attack Of The 50 Foot Woman whenever … Continue reading

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Would You Shut Up Already

Why do people talk so much? I’m amazed at how often someone traps me into an endless, one-sided conversation. My friend Amy says, it’s like all you are is one big ear. If they could they’d lop it off and … Continue reading

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