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Worst Story of the Week…September 27

I was accosted at Starbucks by a guy I know who reads my blog. Why, has always been a mystery since he seems to HATE everything I write. As I was putting in my customary 25 packets of sugar into … Continue reading

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Susannah’s Fall, Winter Reading List

I’m not boasting, but so far I’ve read 73 books this year not including a good 20 I didn’t finish.  There are just too many great reads to feel compelled to complete one that’s not all that compelling.  Chalk it … Continue reading

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So, How Often Do You Tweet?

“So, how often do you Tweet?” a deep voice asked.  I half expected a robin to be seated next to me, but it was a young man fondling his iPhone like a blowup doll. “Excuse me?” I said, looking up … Continue reading

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Why I’m Not On Facebook

I’m asked this question at least once a day. The reason I’m not a social networker is because I don’t want my past popping into my present. Hey Susannah, remember me? We had sex in the back of my jeep … Continue reading

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Tweet Tweet

I finally, on the recommendation of a fellow blogger, have opened a Twitter account feeling as if I’ve just joined a cult. I’ve never been much of a social networker. Facebook scares the hell out of me the way people … Continue reading

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