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The Two Frenchmen

There are two new men in my life, Felipe and Pascal. Pascal is very tall, Felipe, extremely short. I’m not known to like shorties, but Felipe is an exception due to his chronic charm.  He’s quieter than Pascal, more poised … Continue reading

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Animals Over The Counter

My pal Joan’s 91 year-old aunt sent her these she sent to me, when, unbeknownst to either of them, I was having a really bad day.  They lifted me up, as only the four-legged can.  I of course added the … Continue reading

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Talk To The Animals

I keep hearing Rex Harrison as Dr. Doolittle crooning in my ears charming me even now.  What is it about the four-legged that always hits a grand slam in the heart department. I’ve been sad lately over many different things, … Continue reading

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Buy Verses Rescue

    My neighbor, Pierre, is getting a Newfoundland puppy.  His last one, Marcello, named after French actor Marcello Mastrianni, died over a year ago.  The size of a bear with the heart of a lion, Marcello was a great … Continue reading

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Heart Felt

Read a great quote by Daniel Patrick Moynihan longtime senator of New York (1977-2001) pre-Hillary. “To be Irish, is to know that in the end the world will break your heart.” This was right on the heels of Carmela leaving … Continue reading

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More Dog Tails

  I write a lot about animals since they make such a difference in my life.  I live for that chance canine encounter when a scratch or sniff can change the course of your day. This morning I met Maisie … Continue reading

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Whippet Good

My days keep getting stranger. I got a call from Joey the doorman asking if I’d do him a favor…would I walk a whippet for him on the weekend. He has a sideline where he takes care of dogs in … Continue reading

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Cat Rescue And Destroy

I was in Petco, Manhattan’s favorite pet store, buying cookies for Carmela, my basset hound friend. They have a biscuit bar where for a nominal fee you can mix and match treats for your four-legged lady. What possessed me to … Continue reading

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In Gratitude

There’s a popular 12 step slogan…change your attitude with a little gratitude. Yes, I know…it sounds more like a bumper sticker, or a mug or dish towel you’d find in a  church gift shop. But the truth is, it can … Continue reading

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Eating Crow

Hawks rule Central Park. I see them early in the morning swooping and diving in search of mischief no doubt. But they do have their advocates. There’s even a bird-watching group who spends time observing them. A few years go, … Continue reading

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