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Humbled Beauty

I saw a French Poodle whose hair looked better than mine. She knew it too, the haughty way she walked passed me, with her nose in the air. “What did ya say there, Babette?” I said, “Perhaps you should see … Continue reading

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Religion, Politics and How Old Do You Think I Am?

These are three topics that should be avoided at all costs. Recently, a girl I was working with asked, how old did I think she was.  I tried bobbing and weaving so not to answer, but she persisted, smiling seductively … Continue reading

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Who Nose

There’s a young kid in my building with a nose, or schnoz, as my pal Ed would say, the length of Long Island. I mean it’s big. Frank the super tells me, the boy, who’s 12, is bugging his parents … Continue reading

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Mirror Mirror On Za Vall

Please lie to me, I often say to my compact. Sometimes I go to powder my nose and that’s all I see. When did it inflate into a life raft? What inspired this suicidal post were my passport photos, all … Continue reading

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About Face – Part 1

I’ve always said I would never, ever have plastic surgery, but since I’ll be turning 59 in a few months, I’m considering changing my mind. What if I were to renovate here and there like sanding the floors or painting … Continue reading

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The Right To Bare Arms

This is not about weaponry, it’s about skin – my skin that can still be seen all pale and pink due to my vast collection of sleeveless dresses. Most women my age don’t flaunt their arms. I don’t brandish mine … Continue reading

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