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Kissing In The Moonlight

 They were tiny and squat, hooked at the hip, two figures you’d idly sketch on a notepad. His face, buried in her neck, half concealed, while hers, tilted upward, shimmered like a big, round pearl. Such a landscape it made, … Continue reading

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Voyeurs Anonymous

 It’s no secret I’m an avid observer…how else would I have so much nonsense to write about. I found myself, in the park, over the weekend, watching two squirrels play.  They were taking turns chasing one another…up a tree, down … Continue reading

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Sex One More Time

Why is sex so popular? Of all my essays last week, Sex On A Bike went platinum. It even beat out Lucy. It’s not as if there’s anything special about it. Like the song says…birds do it, bees do it, … Continue reading

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