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The Raccoon Residence

I’ve been running early, to beat the heat. So this morning, right when the light came up…like nature flips a switch…I came upon two raccoons scurrying across the road.  One a little bigger than the other, deciding, they must be … Continue reading

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Flab and Gab

I’m in a coffee joint called Chochi’s for reasons surpassing my understanding.  Okay, I got a coupon in the mail for a half-price latte. So shoot me. I’m surrounded by well-endowed Latino girls talking a mile-a-minute eating donuts like Bon-Bons. … Continue reading

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Those Four-legged Ambassadors

I can’t sleep, once again turning to nature for comfort, convinced animals cure all things.  And to think, they don’t even have to practice. I tried out for the Playboy Club, but didn’t quite make it. We blondes burn easily. … Continue reading

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You’re Such An Animal

It’s 3 a.m.  Do you know where your sanity is? Google Images…who knew? Don’t you just love to zumba? Can you do this? The pollen is fucking killing me. No one said anything about a rectal exam. Ha ha ha…that … Continue reading

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Four-Legged Love

We should take a tip from the animals affection wise since they instinctively know how to love.   We need to kiss, hug and canoodle more and if we do, I’ll just bet life, across the board, would be so much … Continue reading

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How Deer

Isn’t this a wild picture…no pun intended. Look who crashed the wedding. The photographer had to be stunned when he saw them looking straight into camera like fashion models . Turns out it was a big estate in New Jersey … Continue reading

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Father’s Day 2014

I always sent my father a Father’s Day card from the time I was little, till the year before he died. After that he was missing in action leaving no forwarding address. It was always a picture of a father … Continue reading

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A Wild Mother’s Day

I’m not a mother, something I fully regret, but I’m told by many it’s not an easy thing to be. I guess that applies to all mothers, including nature’s own. I thought I’d Google a few and see what they … Continue reading

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What An Animal

I spent Easter weekend pretty quietly.  I ran, wrote and read Antoine De Saint-Exupery’s famous fable, The Little Prince, my friend Ella’s favorite story. She kept after me to read it, and saying I was charmed is an understatement. Translated … Continue reading

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Teacher’s Pet

Animals are our greatest teachers by far, simply because they live in the moment. They prompt us to be more present by taking in our surroundings…to be kinder to ourselves as well as others and grateful for life’s many blessings. When … Continue reading

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