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And I Quote…

Where do they come from, these pithy, memorable sayings that last the test of time? Are the quotable examples of genius, or merely portals on behalf of the Divine, who clearly has a sense of humor. Some of my favorites… … Continue reading

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Those Iconic Steps

It’s no secret I love Kurt Vonnegut, and feel as if we’re forever friends. Sometimes we discuss things, especially writing dilemmas. But he’s pretty good with life’s problems too, like when my feelings get hurt by some random shun. He … Continue reading

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The Writing Life

Writing keeps me afloat. Writing keeps me sane. Writing keeps me warm on a cold day. What does that mean exactly? It gives me hope. I’ve written all my life. When my mother locked me in my room in the … Continue reading

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Going Paperless

I’m neurotic, I’ll admit it, notoriously missing nothing, so when a kid walked into Starbucks with a stream of toilet paper peering from his pant leg, you know I had to tell him. As he stood perusing the pastries appearing … Continue reading

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Blog Life 5 Years Running

Happy Anniversary with WordPress.com! WordPress is so thoughtful…. especially when it asks for its annual 29 bucks, as they put it, to be part of the team.  Team this, I always say, as I haul out AmEx. I think they … Continue reading

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Being Prolific

I’m often called prolific, but unbeknownst to me, it doesn’t necessarily mean you’re a good writer, just a constant one churning out what, very well, could be considered crap on a daily basis. Prolific 1 (of a plant, animal, or … Continue reading

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A Word Please

 Ken – a noun meaning – one’s range of knowledge or sight; awareness, perception, vision, understanding…being within one’s grasp. Comprehension, realization, appreciation, consciousness – to put it simply – it’s what you know. It’s a word you don’t hear much, … Continue reading

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May I Have A Word With You?

Every once in a while a word flies out of my mouth when I wonder, where the hell did that come from. I found myself telling a friend he had a lot of gravitas. He gave me a funny look … Continue reading

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A Way With Words

Churlish: an adjective suggesting rudeness in a mean-spirited and surly way…ill-mannered, ill-bred, discourteous, impolite, unmannerly, uncivil, unchivalrous; inconsiderate, uncharitable, surly, sullen. Here’s what tickles me…its opposite…POLITE. It came up in a comment I made to my friend David Stewart greenwalledtower.wordpress.com … Continue reading

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New Year Expectations

We’re embarking on a brand new year. Like everyone, I look to it like a clean, white canvass. 2014 certainly wasn’t a fruitful one for me, but being a optimist one time removed, I have faith in the coming one. … Continue reading

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