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There’s a young lady standing on the corner wearing a faux leopard coat J. Crew makes I’ve always admired. If I were just a little younger, I too would look like Sheena of the Jungle, hailing a cab. As I … Continue reading

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Sittin’ in the Park

  I’m reminded often, how lucky I am to live so close to Central Park. Even though I run through it most days, I tend to forget to visit more casually.  Today, after it rained all night, I threw on chinos … Continue reading

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Kissing In The Moonlight

 They were tiny and squat, hooked at the hip, two figures you’d idly sketch on a notepad. His face, buried in her neck, half concealed, while hers, tilted upward, shimmered like a big, round pearl. Such a landscape it made, … Continue reading

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At First Blush

I’ve been trying to remember my very first crush…the first time my heart was awakened by those sudden butterflies fluttering due to another. There was Bobby Hargrove in the third grade, he in the sixth who was a patrol boy.  … Continue reading

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Postmarked Crushed and Delivered

There’s a young girl named Ivy who lives down the block who has a mad crush on the UPS  man (as in United Parcel Service). I can’t say I blame her since he looks like a baseball player who doesn’t … Continue reading

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