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Best Story of the Week…April 26

I’m coming from the subway in Grand Central, when I see a young mother with a one-year old in a stroller. I watch her examine the stairs knowing, she’ll have a hard time maneuvering everything on her own. I look … Continue reading

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Those Who Can’t Teach

I came upon a young mother with a baby girl and a brand new Pit puppy, each ambling alongside her, as she slowly pushed a stroller. African American, pretty, no more than 25, a Norman Rockwell that jumped off the … Continue reading

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Short Women

En route to somewhere, I came upon a little lady of 3, sprawled on the sidewalk having a major meltdown.  Imagine Kim Basinger at that age losing her cool, blonde tendrils draped on the pavement, a tiny butt perched in … Continue reading

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The Weak In Review

Waiting in line at a drug store, I saw a mother hit her four year-old so hard I thought his head would come off. Before I could react, a man did, letting her have it with both barrels. The kid … Continue reading

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Out Of The Mouths of Babes

Something sweet happened on the train when I was headed downtown. I had gotten up in a very melancholy mood for reasons unknown. It happens sometimes, as though I watched a very sad film while dreaming. Across from me sat … Continue reading

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The Kid Who Hit His Head

Buying greeting cards is one of my favorite pastimes. Forget Breakfast at Tiffany’s…it’s more like, Brunch at the Hallmark Store, which is why I was in Barnes & Noble perusing their shelves since they have the sweetest selection. I suddenly … Continue reading

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